Retirement Planning

With constant changes to legislation and a ever-growing selection of pension plans and investment options, investors should take particular care when planning for their retirement. Investors wanting to enjoy a high quality of life after they retire should carefully consider the advantages of a private insurance or company pension plans.

Whether you work in one location or in multiple overseas localities , you may find that you have savings and investments in several locations. However, it can make sense to place retirement savings into a single offshore solution. But before you choose to place your hard earned savings in a single retirement vehicle it is critical that you select the right one. RGI can help you choose the best offshore solution for your situation.

We can advise you as to the benefits of holding your savings in different currencies so that you are protected against currency fluctuations before you retire.

Another important question to consider is where you will choose to retire. For investors working abroad, this might include returning to their home country to retire, retiring abroad or a combination of the two. The location that you decide to retire to will impact which pension plan will be right for your situation. Choosing the right location can also make a large difference to your tax obligations and the lifestyle that you enjoy in retirement. Your RGI Wealth Management financial consultant can talk you through the different options that are available and help you decide which country would work best for you in retirement.

International pension planning presents both challenges and advantages. With our help you can ensure that you maximize the tax benefits afforded by your status. We are also able to help ensure that your retirement savings are properly protected so that they are no unpleasant surprises when it comes time to retire.

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