The establishment of the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE) in 1982 created created a market for in financial derivatives that enabled investors to access a wide range of global investment instruments without being exposed to ownership of the underlying assets.

A structured investment product aims to provide capital growth or income whilst also offering full or partial protection of the original investment. Structured products should clearly state the risks involved and the potential rewards available assuming a specific set of investment objectives are achieved. Structured Products usually have specific term or period to maturity, eg 5 years, but recently open-ended structured funds have become available.

A structured product's pre-packaged investment strategy can be linked to derivatives based on a single share, a basket of shares, options, indices, commodities, bonds or currencies. There is no single, uniform definition of what constitutes a structured products.
RGI works with a number of top established European investment institutions which are only Moody's A rated to create tailored solutions for our clients with different investment objectives, risk profiles and capital to invest.
We have structured solutions which provide monthly income on your investments. Our dedicated team of analysts are experienced in utilising sophisticated algorithms and data analysis techniques to ensure your investments deliver returns alongside capital protection.

We can offer investment alternatives for those seeking higher rates of returns in a risk controlled environment.

  • Investments can be structured for a variety of periods for liquidity and ease of access, can also be linked to underlying markets, commodities or individual equities.
  • Investments may be managed in a variety of different currencies completely removing any currency risk in global markets where a client has a need for two or more currencies.
  • Have a need for a currency but not sure when to convert.
  • Bespoke products tailored to suit your individual or corporate risk appetite, currency requirement, rate of return and investment timescale.

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