• A professional portfolio management service so client money stays within clear, risk-controlled parameters;
  • Access to our experienced, highly skilled investment management team
  • Access to institutional share classes for funds, enabling clients to benefit from reduced underlying fund management

We offer a range of services, such as our DFM (discretionary fund management) service which draws on many years’ experience across specific risk graded portfolio options. The breadth of our expertise means we can manage all clients’ non-cash assets in a variety of different wrappers.

Regular savings models over fixed terms with a full 100% capital guarantee, and even guaranteed growth options available up to 220%.

Regular savings models over fixed terms with capital and growth guarantee up to 220%

  • Guaranteed rates of return.
  • Insurance portfolio bond wrappers.
  • Working in conjunction with the world’s leading insurance companies, we offer tailor made solutions just for you.
  • The bond and the assets, investments, including physical assets can be structured specifically based on need
  • Flexible financial planning
  • Tax efficiency
  • Assistance with IHT and estate planning

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