investment advisory

RGI offers clients bespoke investment advisory services dedicated to the protection and growth of their wealth for current and future generations. Our advisory role typically spans multiple asset classes and portfolios in an effort to ensure a family’s overall wealth is deployed as efficiently as possible.

Our fees are paid by our clients – we do not accept any referral fees from underlying investments. Any rebates or discounts we negotiate are for our clients’ account.

Our services typically include:

Designing the investment strategy

Identifying the family’s needs and financial objectives

Advising on asset allocation strategy

Drafting and advising on an investment policy statement

Implementing the investment strategy

Review of overall investment structures and supporting documentation

Tactical asset allocation advice

Performing manager searches, facilitating and attending interviews with related fund managers

Reviewing investment proposals

Negotiating terms with investment service providers

Performance review and portfolio monitoring

Quarterly performance review against benchmarks at level of both the overall portfolio and any underlying discretionary mandates and/or other funds

Quantitative, risk-driven process culminating in an independent, unbiased quarterly report

On-going risk monitoring individually and in aggregate at both the overall portfolio level and level of the underlying discretionary mandates and other funds

Independent risk assessment as required

Quarterly consolidated asset statement and tailored performance reporting

We also are frequently engaged to review specific private equity or real estate opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

we can also arrange the purchase and care for all forms of aircraft, yacht and other unusual purchases.

Our team is well equipped to handle these requests and can review opportunities on a stand-alone basis.

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