In recent times offshore fiduciary services have been used increasingly by corporate clients to, for example, hold assets off balance sheet or to set up employee reward structures.

To meet the requirements of corporate clients the simple company or corporation has been refined into a whole range of corporate vehicles, including protected cell and incorporated cell companies. Similarly, the partnership has been developed into a range of vehicles including limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships. All of these vehicles have been developed to perform certain functions and offer more planning options for companies and their employees.

Our range of services can extend beyond the administration of the above vehicles to include providing accounting and company secretarial services.

We will consider any proposal for providing services that fall under the definition of regulated activities which include:

the formation, management and administration of trusts including acting as corporate trustee or an enforcer of purpose trusts;
the formation, management and administration of companies, partnerships and other vehicles including the provision of corporate or individual directors,
corporate secretary or any in other capacity as officer of a company, partnership or other corporate vehicle;
provision of nominee services and providing nominee shareholders;
provision of a registered office and acting as resident agent;
provision of accounting and corporate secretarial services; and
provision of dedicated office accommodation.

As a first step, we would be delighted to discuss any proposal in principle with you or your professional advisers.

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